If you ever wonder how Chinese take-out restaurants cook your favorite soups and appetizers, and wish you could re-create them in your own kitchen. Well, now you can - with this "Chinese Take-Out Cooking DVD Box Set,  part of the Chopstick Bowl series.

Unlike the regular cooking video which rush through each dish demonstration, this video has no time limits, you can see the end result and detail of each dish. There is no rush rush, no lengthy instruction, no talk-show host, just simple straight forward step-by-step cooking instruction - real time cooking demonstration. You can take as much time as you like to truly understand the technique demonstrated. If you have trouble following, just pause and rewind, it's that simple!

Chopstick bowl “Chinese Take-Out Cooking DVD Box Set” includes : 

  • Soups and Appetizers DVD featuring some of your favorite soups like wonton, egg drop soups; egg roll, fried wonton, boneless pork ribs etc. 

  • Main Course DVD which includes favorite dishes like broccoli with beef, chicken etc.; garlic shrimp and many more. After watching this DVD, you basically can make about 80% of the dishes feature on the take-out menu

  • Specialty Dishes DVD which focus on some of the popular dishes that are found in the Take-out Special Section like pepper steak, lobster shrimp etc. 

  • Noodles and Rice DVD where you will learn how to make the popular fried rice, chow fun, mei fun and lo mein as well as how to make the perfect rice. 

This is the only cooking videos available on the market that teach you how to cook the ever popular Chinese food that we all loves - Chinese Take-Out. So don't miss that - now you can start cooking your favorite take-out right at your very own kitchen, no more waiting, no more order mess-up, it's always available whenever you want, almost like having your own personal 24/7 Chinese Take-out! And at a time like this, cooking at home is the way to go - save on gas and money!

Language: English

Discs included: Four (4) DVD discs

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Chinese Take-out Cooking DVD Box Set

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